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Google Books Settlement Draws Hundreds of Responses

The GBS has drawn hundreds of responses, including objections, amicus briefs, and opt-outs, as well as letters of support. James Grimmelmann has been combing over the responses as they are scanned in by the court, and posting them on The Laboratorium: Part 1, Part 2. Eventually, all responses will be available at The Public Index.

Here is an excerpt from Pam Samuelson’s objection, filed on behalf of academic authors (pdf):

The future of public access to the cultural heritage of mankind embodied in books is too important to leave in the hands of one company and one registry that will have a de facto monopoly over a huge corpus of digital books and rights in them. Google has yet to accept that its creation of this substantial public good brings with it public trust responsibilities that go well beyond its corporate slogan about not being evil.

The Internet Archive is part of the Open Book Alliance, which has also filed an amicus brief opposing the GBS (pdf).


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