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Guest Showcase: Ryan Turner

“Selected here are some beautiful images of objects and phenomena one can see with a modest telescope, a pair of binoculars, or even the naked eye.  These images are instructive – especially when we refer to the incredible details shown in modern imaging and return to the scope for another look.  We often find that there is more to see, simply by knowing what to look for.  Suddenly, the patches on Mars become ice caps or canyons.  The tiny dark spot on Jupiter is actually the shadow of a Jovian moon.  That fuzzy lint ball resolves into tens of thousands of individual stars.”

Welcome Space Visualizer, Ryan Turner, to the NASA Images Guest Showcase! Ryan’s Showcase, See For Your Self, is an inspirational collection of words and images for the sidewalk astronomer. So grab your modest telescopes, binoculars, or naked eyes, and go See For Your Self.

Ryan Turner is the Science Visualizer for Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, California. He guides audiences on tours of the universe in his live planetarium shows and is constantly bringing new lessons, topics, and content into the planetarium. He recently completed work on Chabot’s new fulldome planetarium show “Tales of the Maya Skies” for which he created the astronomical visualizations. Occasionally, he still spends some time with the volunteers in the observatories, explaining the night’s wonders to visitors just before they put their eye up to the scope. For more information about Chabot Space & Science Center and “Tales of the Maya Skies”, please check out, and

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