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OPDS Catalogs changelog (0.9 to 1.0)

Overall the changes between OPDS 0.9 and 1.0 are relative minor, and migration of OPDS 0.9 Catalogs to 1.0 should require minimal attention:

  • OPDS Catalogs are now more generic to open the door to other electronic content in the future (audio/video, comics etc.)
  • References to indirect acquisition have been removed.  Discussions will continue outside of the core specification in an information document.
  • There is a new “rel” value for Open Access.
  • Artwork relations have been modified.
  • The definitions and groups  feed-level relations have been morphed into: sorting relations, popular relation, previously acquired relations, and crawlable feed relation.
  • There is a notation relating to the use of DRM: “Publications in a format using Digital Rights Management SHOULD use a different value for the type attribute of the Acquisition Link than the same format without Digital Rights Management.”
  • See additional specification language about the relationship between summary/content.
  • There is an informational Relax NG schema.

Overall, these numerate fairly minor modifications and should not require too much work to support them.

For a closer examination of changes, please consult the OpenPub wiki.

Originally posted on The OPDS blog by peter.

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August 30, 2010 at 5:58 pm

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