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How Montana State Library Uploaded Batches of Digital Objects to the Internet Archive

by Chris Stockwell for Montana State Library, 12/29/2010


The Montana State Library (MSL) last year moved a copy of its collection of 3000 born digital state publications to the Internet Archive (IA). Since MSL will be continuing to upload and integrate born digital publications to the Internet Archive, we encourage constructive comment. Also, MSL would be happy to answer questions about what we did. Contact the Library Information Services division.

It was a natural progression for MSL to upload and integrate its born digital state publications to the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive already is digitizing Montana’s print state publications under contract. After the items are digitized, IA provides public access to them through its free digital library with an MSL logo. IA is officially recognized as a library by California. Also, IA’s Archive-It team archives Montana state agency web sites under contract. Montana State Library considers IA to be its institutional repository for its primary state publications collection…

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