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3 million texts for free

Internet Archive reached the milestone of offering 3 million freely downloadable texts yesterday.  Our 3 millionth text is a Galileo pamphlet from the rare book collection of the University of Toronto.

Internet Archive has been scanning books since 2005.  We have made approximately 2 million books from 1,000 libraries in 200 languages available online since that time.   Another 1 million texts have been uploaded by others, including everything from original books to court records to scans from other digitization projects and 37,000 books from Project Gutenberg.

More than 100 people digitize books in Internet Archive scanning centers in 27 libraries in 6 countries.  At 10 cents a page, we are bringing over 1,000 new books online every day. is visited by more than 1 million different users every day.  Books are downloaded or read on about 10 million times each month, and approximately 2,000 books for the blind and dyslexic (print disabled) are downloaded every day.

Other projects use the texts archive in bulk.  Researches at the University of Massachusetts have used millions of books to do digital scholarship. integrates these books with many thousands of recent books for the print disabled and library borrowers.  All of the public domain books are full text searchable, indexed by multuiple search engines, and downloadable individually or in bulk.

Please help us build the library of free books by scanning and uploading, by donating physical books to the Internet Archive, or by sponsoring the digitization of great collections!

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September 17, 2011 at 2:34 am

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