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Thank you Friends of the SF Public Library for 130,000 books

130,000 books, records, and videos were donated and then cataloged, de-duplicated, and readied for scanning and long term preservation in 2 days.   Thank you to the Friends of SFPL for our largest public donation ever.   With this, we believe we are ready to handle any size donation.   Please think of us as a good home for your library or collection or extras.

Every year residents of San Francisco donate over 100,000 books to be part of book sales to support the SFPL.   Each year there is a massive sale, and at the end of it, they donate what is left to a worthy cause.   This is the second year that we were that worthy cause.

* 20 volunteers (thank you!)
* 20 staff members
* 130,000 books, records, videos
* we cataloged 40,000 of them over the 2 days, and of those 20,000 were ones we did not have.   90,000 to go.
* we will preserve the originals for scanning and for the long term in our Physical Archive
* the duplicates will go to other worthy causes.
* and it was a blast.

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October 3, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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