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This week at the Archive | 17 October 2011

With the Internet Archive growing by terabytes a day, it’s impossible for any one person to have more than a partial or specialized appreciation of what’s on offer. And so, we’re presenting some favorites from the collections. If you’d like to share yours, please send a link or two and a few words about why you appreciate your recommendation to:

bestof [at]

Heaven’s Gate
I discovered the Internet Archive in 1997 after dozens of cultists in San Diego committed suicide in preparation to be picked up by a passing spaceship. (Who said air travel couldn’t get any worse?) The group’s Internet site was taken down after the tragedy, but press reports cited a copy of the site at the Archive:

I was grateful for that information; I’ve been using the Archive as a resource for my notebook ever since.

The drawings and engravings of William Blake
If you’re not familiar with William Blake, this volume is a great introduction:

I’ll conclude with a few recommendations from Brewster Kahle, digital librarian and founder of the Internet Archive

The Letter
James Maduzia
This Lego movie is well crafted and has a good story:

Are You Ready For Marriage?
Aaron Simpson
This video was made using footage from from the Prelinger Archives; it was shown at the couple’s wedding. It’s funny and an inspiration for all:

Ditty Bops
I discovered the Ditty Bops on the archive, and have bought all of their CDs. They could be described as a cross between the Andrew Sisters and the Roches.

More Ditty Bops concerts:

Finally, at the risk of being repetitiously redundant, please suggest a link or two and a few words about why you appreciate your recommendation to:

bestof [at]

-David Glenn Rinehart

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