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Bitcoin Cash Converter Box


Bitcoin to Cash Converter Box


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(Please leave this page visible on the computer next to the cash box).  To help us try out bitcoins, I am putting up $200 ($100 cash and $100 worth of bitcoins) to make an honor-based converter box to be available at the Internet Archive Friday lunches.    Please donate a $1 conversion fee for each transaction to help cover loss and mistakes.  If this works, then maybe other offices or hacker spaces will do this.   Please leave this page visible after you finish.

Convert your bitcoins into dollars:


bitcoin arrowgold_dollar


Calculate the conversion (opens in new tab) and check to make sure we have enough cash and correct change in the cashbox (current limit is $100).  If not, email me.

Then use your bitcoin client to send address: 1Pt9TRJKeAW61aR1ELQpUZKdMaYXzkCTrn, (you can send a skype from this machine with the address or use this webpage on your own machine).      Take your dollars from the cash box.  Please leave $1 for each transaction so it will cover for loss or mistakes.   Please leave this page visible after you finish.


Convert your dollars into bitcoins:


Calculate the conversion (opens in new tab) amount for the dollars you want to convert and make sure it is under $100 (our current limit).  Please subtract $1 from the amount you want to covert as a conversion fee to cover loss or mistakes.    For more than $100 maybe think of using coinbase.

Then use the Bitcoin-qt application on the computer (right hand one of the displays in the Internet Archive library).   Make sure it has enough coins, please email me if not.   Skype your bitcoin address to this machine (bitcoinconverter).  Use the Send Coins button on the application window, and send yourself the coins.

Please leave this page visible after you finish.


If you want to do this, this is the cashbox we got:








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