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Two Hands Project Visits the Internet Archive

The Two Hands Project stopped by the Internet Archive today, as part of their crazy month-long cross-country tour of Hacker Spaces. It was a blast to meet them!

The two hands project is a project that is taking advantage of the  unlimited flight Plan  JetBlue offers between the Dates of Sept 8 – Oct 8 to do something amazing – but we need your help. In one month we will film a documentary on the development of these MakerSpaces all over the US.  In two weeks I would like to gather enough money for the trip and a crew of people willing to bounce around and crash with Makers all over the country. We will be documenting the projects they make, and recording the change inducing social movement that’s spreading across the USA. Maker/Hackerspaces come in all sorts of packages and flavors, each with it’s own quirks. Let’s figure out how they tick, what goes on in them, why they are important for the philosophical and economical reasons. And perhaps through this movie inspire people to start their own space, or at least build something awesome.



Written by internetarchive

September 11, 2009 at 10:48 pm