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Law & Order and the Wayback Machine — fun, and crime-solving!

LAW & ORDER SVU “Sugar” Season 11 Episode 2
Re-airing tonight 10pm Eastern!

A recent *Law and Order* featured the potential crime-solving abilities of a certain special feature we all know & love — the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine saved the day!

You can watch it replay again tonight, or get your-spoiler-alert-on with
for writeup and clips

or the full recap at :

“Back at the SVU media area, a tech woman tells Benson and Stabler she could not find Emily on Tasty Sugar, and the detectives think since she was on their earlier that the web site took it down as if they were trying to hide something. The tech woman says it is not gone forever, and asks if they ever heard of the wayback machine and Benson says only the one that Sherman and Mr. Peabody used. The woman says this is no cartoon. It takes digit snapshots of the web to compile archives. She manages to find the site, and Benson says they can get Emily’s measurements from the morgue, she wants to know whom Emily was dating and decides to call ADA Paxton.  But Stabler notices there is a note on the web page that says “Shy? I also double date with my BFF Pamela.” He tells the tech woman to click on Pamela’s name. Pamela’s video says she is looking for rich experiences.  Stabler thinks Pamela can give them answers faster than they can get a warrant.”

The Law and Order SVU episode is playing again tonite on NBC, 10:00pm eastern – check your local listings,  and set your dvr!


Written by internetarchive

October 5, 2009 at 10:50 pm