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Liveblogging the “Making Books Apparent” meeting

Brewster Kahle, IA:


  • 1.6 Million public domain books on
  • 20 Scanning centers in 5 countries
  • 150 contributing libraries
  • 20th century books not well-represented online
  • IA is starting to receive and own physical books
  • Today, IA will launch the BookServer project, and demostrate loans of 20th century works
  • BookServer will integrate publishers, libraries, booksellers, and readers in in an open, robust system.

Peter Brantley, IA:


  • We need a web of books that will permit people to find, buy, download, and read books on any device.
  • Will be based on Lexcycle’s Stanza iPhone app
  • The data interchange will be based on Atom
  • BookServer will work with any e-book format. EPUB will be the common format.


  • Bookserver” is the architechture.
  • OPDS” is the technical specification.
  • Catalogs” are made using OPDS.
  • Atom” is the XML scheme for OPDS.


  • Any web site can run a bookstore.
  • Libraries, bookstores, and publishers can join in
  • Search engines can server as book gateways
  • Aggregators can harvest multiple catalogs
  • New uses will be emerging

New NLS Digital Talking Book Player for the Print Disabled:


Keith Fahlgren, O’Reilly Media:


” I really like to create the future I want to inherit.”


  • Distributors
  • Aggregators
  • Readers (both people and devices)

Marc Prud’hommeaux, Lexcycle:

Showing demo of how 1.5M IA EPUBs in Stanza, through BookServer ecosystem:


Hadrien Gardeur, Feedbooks:

Subscriptions in OPDS:


A Hulu for Magazines and Newspapers through OPDS? Sure, we can do it!

Michael Ang, IA:


Open-source tools for creating OPDS catalogs at


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October 19, 2009 at 4:28 pm